Follow the right steps when finding your Best Running Shoes

These are the best running shoes for beginners

Drum roll please…

So you want to make a change…

2017 is the year for you is it…

You’ve just registered for that 10k or half-marathon…

You got a FitBit for Chrimbo…

And now you’re ready to hit the road.

But wait! You want to get it right, you realise that wearing your converse or vans isn’t a good idea so you started searching for the best running shoes for beginners.  So here are some points to consider.

3 things to consider when buying running shoes 

  1. What kind of running are you into?

Is it road or is trail?  Long distance, sprints?  It is important to be specific about this especially when shoe manufacturers have to their name a multitude of shoes all catering for different sorts of running.  Literally no two running shoes are the same.

A good high-mileage road-shoe for everyone is the Brooks Ravenna.  With its Diagonal Roll Bar it guides the foot naturally from heel to toe so suitable for people of different running profiles. If you have no opportunity to get a gait analysis, I have found that this one tends to be good for most people.  The width is a little on the narrow side so those with wide feet should consider the 2E width (or D for women).


  1. Have you had your Gait Analysis done?

Do not just buy online in random fashion.  In every town you will find a specialist running store where the team will be able to carry out various levels of analyses before determining the right type of shoe for you.  If you don’t know of such a store just pop a question in the comments below.

  1. Be generous with your budget

Running hurts!!  Over double bodyweight force going through the joints repeatedly through the joints every minute.  You think you can get away with some cheap Karrimors from Sports Direct??  This is not about staying with trend but finding the best tools for the job to help enjoy  injury-free running and enhance your performance.  Be prepared to shell out a good £100.  The fact that you’re a novice runner is more reason to treat yourself.  You’ll still spend less than on a designer handbag or watch.  I know that even with a few niggles I will not injure myself wearing my Brooks Glycerins.  As you become a little more clued up with your sport you will find the need to rotate different shoes and you’ll pick up little bargains here and there.

So know your goals. get your gait test for running shoes and reserve that tonne for your little treat, then hit the road.