Leave Nothing Amiss On Your Marathon Checklist

What do you need for your first half-marathon or marathon

I remember my first race…

The North London Half 2015….

Got there late…

Was a total nightmare getting to the start line….

Preparing my electrolyte drink…

Trying to pour a sachet of powder into a drinks bottle…

With the wind blowing everywhere.

Thankfully, I had just enough time to return to the bag drop and get everything ready properly.  I had however learnt a valuable lesson when attempting to have everything ready for the big event.  

So here’s my little checklist for when you have to take part in a race for your first time without stressing so much:

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Avoid being a Running Snob

So some of you may feel a little perplexed (probably because you’re the target of this article). Others will know exactly what I mean…A Running Snob?

I used to attend park run; I have a PB of 20:52. I thought that was good until I found myself working amongst people that could beat 15 minutes pissed out their heads.  But there was something weird about the ‘clicky’ social interaction.  I thought it was just me but then others told me the same thing and that this especially applies to triathloners (I refuse to call them triathletes).  It’s the way they talk about their upcoming races and they sound so full of themselves.

Now this doesn’t apply to every member of every run club.  Where I have a problem is when there is a superiority complex or a frowning upon other modalities of training.

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