Avoid being a Running Snob

So some of you may feel a little perplexed (probably because you’re the target of this article). Others will know exactly what I mean…A Running Snob?

I used to attend park run; I have a PB of 20:52. I thought that was good until I found myself working amongst people that could beat 15 minutes pissed out their heads.  But there was something weird about the ‘clicky’ social interaction.  I thought it was just me but then others told me the same thing and that this especially applies to triathloners (I refuse to call them triathletes).  It’s the way they talk about their upcoming races and they sound so full of themselves.

Now this doesn’t apply to every member of every run club.  Where I have a problem is when there is a superiority complex or a frowning upon other modalities of training.

And then there is the 7 min mile syndrome; a condition where middle-aged men capable of such a pace think they are god’s gift to running by merit of their above average but still pretty rubbish ability.  It’s something to do with their private discussions when talking about the next race is like planning a global takeover yet they are light years away from being proper elite-level runners.

Snobby runners aren’t a figment of my paranoid imagination but they are out there and potentially a discouragement rather than inspiration to others seeking an active lifestyle.

So here are three tips to avoid becoming a snobby runner:

  1. Be open to all forms of exercise. Just because you engage in a free sport aimed towards enjoying the beautiful surroundings of the outdoors does not allow you to mock people seeking a different path towards wellness in a hot yoga studio.
  2. Remember that you will never be in the same league as elite runners. You will always be average and you are closer to couch potato than you are to Mo Farah.
  3. The world doesn’t revolve around the realm of running. If you are in a group of friends, stop and ask yourself if the convo is getting a little too indulgent in your favourite subject.  Be on the lookout for a few yawns and eye-roles because they are likely to be happening.