Learn to Love Running

Don’t you just hate Running

So do I…

In fact…

I think I actually hate runners more than I do running.

So why do it?

Because I have to!

3 reasons you need to love running

  1. It’s a free sport

You don’t need to pay a gym membership for it.  You get your kit on (make sure it’s the best kit) open the front door and away you go.  Getting out the house is the hardest thing to do but completing your run is just the best possible feeling.

  1. It clears the mind like nothing else

Another reason to love running is that it carries untold mental benefits.  Studies have shown that regular running alleviates mental conditions such as stress, anxiety and depression.  It has also been shown to improve sleep and self-confidence.  Of course, it is also a great way for the sociable to make more friends.

And the final reason to love running

  1. It allows you to eat cheesecake

Ok, there are other desserts but none come close to cheesecake.  When fitness started to become less about six-packs and vanity for me (after marriage of course) I needed a way of still being able to compensate for my newly found indulgence.  Going out for a run became the best way for me to become more at peace with myself, especially when I could see my Garmin 35 calorie counter going through the roof on run days. If there was anything that could earn me my treats it was a lung-busting run through Manchester.

So if you’re interested in free exercise, you want a little more happiness in your life and you like sweet treats read my article on beginners running shoes and then HIT THE ROAD!