Use a GPS Watch to give you the running edge?

So funny story…

I’ve only done one marathon ever…

It was horrible…

I literally wanted to cry….

Just look at my face lol

Almost did cry but I never gave up see

And I have to say…

It was all because of my GPS watch

These little beauties will use GPS technology to accurately determine your speed, distance and speed as well as help you monitor and then analyse your training.

So when I found myself half way through a marathon with my knees in total agony, I used my TOMTOM runner GPS to help me through a run-walk at a 2:1 ratio.  It took me nearly 5 hours but I was soon over the line.

I am not going to go through the wide range of products that are out there.  I could and I do as part of my day job but you have DC rainmaker and Riz knows for that.

I am just telling you that while the whole activity tracking wearable thing is a current trend that people will soon get bored of, the GPS Running watch is here to stay.  Yes there are some added functions and advanced functions that may or may not be relevant to you but trust me, if you’re a runner you need a watch.  Your phone will help you but soon enough it will become annoying.

And they can cost you as little as £60 these days.  Check out this great deal:

Of course you might want an all singing, all dancing Garmin Fenix at a more lavish £400.


I now use the Garmin 35 which is a great upgrade on my last device.  I am equally happy with both TOMTOM and Garmin but the heart-rate monitor, step-counter and smart-notifications have all had an impact on my daily analysis of my activity and health.  A more modest £145 for this cute bit of kit.


Not as essential as a good pair of trainers and maybe premium insoles but still high up there.